IALEIA’s most important asset is our membership, through their dedication our organization continues to thrive and support intelligence profession. We are proud that our Executive, Advisory and Officer positions are all staffed by dedicated IALEIA members with experience in the field through law enforcement, military or research. Our international and professional diversity is a nod to the true global reach and scope of intelligence. With a range of perspectives and subject matter expertise our organization is sought after to participate on standards, products, and consortium committees throughout the world.

Executive Board

 President Shelagh Dorn, PhD, C.I.C.A.
 Vice President  Mark Massop
 Treasurer  Jennifer Dauzier
 Secretary  Lynn McCloskey, C.I.C.A.
 Communications  Melissa Johnson-Rogers, C.I.C.A.
 International  Radoslaw Ostoja-Domaradzki
Membership Alison Price-McGinnis, C.I.C.A.
Partnerships James Lewis
Professional Development David McClocklin, C.I.C.A.


 Office Manager Christy Taylor 
 Assistant  Jeannie

Committee Chairs

 Award Chair  John Smith, C.I.C.A.
 Certification Chair  William Jones, C.I.C.A.
 Conference & Sponsor Assist  Tracy Lempke, C.I.C.A.  
 Elections Chair  Kelly Kimsey 
 Ethics Chair  Leo Jacques, PhD, C.I.C.A.
 FIAT Coordinator  Kathy Martinjak, C.I.C.A.
IntelScope and Journal Design   Matt Fegley, C.I.C.A.  
Journal Editor   Luisa “Lu” Lazzarotto
Scholarships Chair Heidie Firth, C.I.C.A.

Advisory Board (2015-2017)

The IALEIA President has appointed the following individuals to the Executive Advisory Board in recognition of their extensive experience in law enforcement analysis and longstanding support for IALEIA's mission and goals. Their service is valued, and their advice is regularly sought.
 Robert C. Fahlman, O.O.M., C.I.C.A. Director General, RCMP Criminal Intelligence (ret’d)
 Marilyn B. Peterson, C.I.C.A. Master Instructor and Academic Outreach Program Manager
   Jennifer Johnstone, C.I.C.A. IALEIA Immediate Past President
 James McDermond ATFE
 Jerry Ratcliffe, PhD Professor of Criminal Justice
 Karen Aumond, C.I.C.A. Director, WSIN (ret’d)
Ritchie Martinez, C.I.C.A. Past President
Simon Robertson Senior Forensic Data Officer
Don McDowell C.E.O.
David Carter, PhD Professor of Criminal Justice; Director, Intelligence Program
Danny Taylor Principal Investigator
  Michael Hall