**Click here to read the nomination instructions for the 2020 IALEIA Awards**
Nominations are due by January 10, 2020, 5:00PM (Pacific Time)
IALEIA Professional Service Awards are presented to individuals, organizations, and executives for outstanding contributions to the analytical profession. The criteria for evaluating the submissions in each category will be established and publicized to the membership. Past winners and award categories are listed below. For 2019, the award recipients were announced at the annual training event in Orlando, FL. 

2019 IALEIA Award for Excellence: Organization
Local:  Milwaukee (WI) Police Department, United States - NIBIN Team
State/Province/Region: Florida Department of Law Enforcement, United States - Crime Intelligence Analyst Team
National/International: Modern Slavery Transformation Unit, United Kingdom - Insight Team

2019 IALEIA Award for Excellence: Individual
Tiffany Fackler, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, United States  
Colin Haynes, Las Vegas (NV) Metropolitan Police Department, United States
Rebecca Lauzon, Western States Information Network, United States
Daniel Mullins, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, United States
Weiling Zhu, United States Postal Inspector Service, United States
Amy Frank, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration


President’s Award
This category recognizes an outstanding individual that sup ports analysts in the field and encourages professional progress.

Awards will be granted in the following categories based on specific criteria listed below. No award will be given in a category where no outstanding submission was received. All nominees will be advised of the award determinations.

1. IALEIA Award for Excellence: Organization.
This category recognizes an Organization, Agency, Department, Unit, or Task Force making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support the organization’s objectives.

One award will be granted in each of three organizational levels:
1) Local; 2) State/Province/Region; and 3) National/International.

Criteria for this award category are:
  • Enhanced effectiveness of the investigative effort.

  • Improvements in the processing of information into intelligence.

  • Innovation in the integration of intelligence functions in to investigative operations.

  • At least one member of the organization nominated for and receiving the award shall be an IALEIA member. An IALEIA membership application must be submitted within 30 days of the close of nominations.

2. IALEIA Award for Excellence: Individual.
This category recognizes up to six awards (6) to individuals for outstanding contributions as intelligence analysts, investigators, or prosecutors utilizing intelligence products leading to the achievement of the organization’s objectives. Work products in this category can include
publications, investigative support materials, threat assessments, innovative training curriculum, etc.

Criteria for this award category are:
  • Initiative and perseverance in stimulating interest of analysts, investigators or prosecutors through analysis or crime activity.

  • Sophistication and diligence in the use of analytical techniques in support of investigations.

  • Innovation in the development of graphical techniques for presentation of complex cases in court.

  • Effectiveness in coordinating the planning of intelligence support analysis with investigative case management.

  • Providing tactical or strategic coverage to areas not previously served or served adequately.

  • Nominees and award recipients shall be IALEIA members. When multiple persons [maximum of two (2)] are included in a single Category 2 award, at least one of the nominees shall be an IALEIA member. An IALEIA membership application must be submitted within 30 days of close of nominations.

3. IALEIA Award for Excellence: Executive, Manager, or Supervisor.
This category recognizes one (1) individual executive, manager, or supervisor for outstanding support and advancement of the intelligence analysis function.

Criteria for this award include:
  • A detailed description of how the individual applied, organized, or employed analysts and intelligence to further agency objectives.
    Nominees and recipients do not have to be members of IALEIA.