Study Materials

To assist those seeking the IALEIA Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA) designation, IALEIA provides the following recommended study materials. The majority of required information related to the examination can be found within these publications.
The CICA examination is specifically designed to evaluate an individual's overall knowledge and competency to advance to the CICA tier, therefore a combination of training and experience is the best formula for success.

Two components form the basis of the CICA examination. 1) Multiple-choice questions will determine the applicant’s substantive knowledge; and 2) essay topics will gauge the applicant’s comprehension of intelligence concepts. The following topics comprise the main focus areas for the CICA exam.
  • Analytic techniques and methods

  • Creative and critical thinking

  • Crime indicators

  • Crime pattern analysis

  • Inference development

  • Information management – classifications, collation

  • Information sharing

  • Information sources

  • Intelligence cycle/process

  • Intelligence-led policing

  • Intelligence product development

  • Legal, privacy, ethics issues

  • Logic

  • Recommendation development

  • Structured analytic techniques

  • Strategic analysis

  • Tactical analysis

The examination is conducted at the annual IALEIA/LEIU conference, and regionally where we have proctors. Candidates will have four (4) hours to complete the examination and should plan to bring a laptop computer for writing the essay portions.