CICA Recertification

The CICA is valid for five (5) years.  Applicants must demonstrate continued analytical skills development and professional competency advancement in order to renew their CICA.
Recertification applicants shall be a Regular member in good standing who adheres to the IALEIA code of ethical and professional conduct, completed a minimum of eight (8) hours of continuing education hours/credit per year, and have completed at least three (3) of the following  qualifying activities since their last certification:
  • published a 1,000 word or greater article in the field of intelligence or analysis, which may have been co-authored with no more than two (2) other individuals;
  • developed an intelligence or analysis training segment of at least two (2) hours;
  • presented an intelligence or analysis training segment of at least two (2) hours developed by someone else;
  • participated in providing 16 hours or more of advanced training by a recognized provider or agency;
  • coordination and development of at least (1) training summit or multiple days of intelligence or analysis training sessions;
  • documented or submitted an analytical technique to the IALEIA Journal of Intelligence Analysis or other academic, peer-reviewed publication;
  • nominated for, or awarded, a national or international analytic professional award;
  • participated in a complex case or assessment over at least three (3) month period which was required the use of significant analytic skills and methodologies AND is documented by a supervisor;
  • completed a special project, such as regular contribution to an intelligence publication, which may be recognized as significant by the Professional Certification or Awards committees; 
  • documentation of a grant policy or grant report (intelligence focused) written and produced;
  • participated as an active Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT) instructor in a regularly-scheduled FIAT class; or
  • served as an officer or committee chair in an intelligence organization.
A CICA Recertification online application must be submitted with the fee payment (for applicants unable to access the online application, a downloadable version is available). Upon approval, the individual will receive a letter of congratulations and a new certificate with a new recertification date.  If the application is disapproved, the individual will receive a notification along with the supporting rationale for the decision. The fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee approval of application.