IALEIA History


Before 1980, there was no organization dedicated to represent analytical personnel in law enforcement. To fill this need, a small group of professional intelligence analysts and managers held their inaugural meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, in October 1981 and created the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, Inc. (IALEIA).   

These first members represented local, state/provincial, and federal law enforcement agencies in Canada and the United States. Today, IALEIA's membership includes members and chapters throughout the world. Our members are united to promote standards of excellence in law enforcement analysis by enhancing the mutual exchange of ideas, supporting analytical standards, and providing training. 

IALEIA evolved as the role of the law enforcement analyst has matured. IALEIA strives to capture the intelligence analysis experience of individuals and agencies and to convert and share that knowledge through law enforcement educational products. IALEIA devotes its organizational resources as a leader in training, through its international conferences and the Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT). To enhance the analyst profession, IALEIA provides a certification program with a designation of Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA).   

Continuing its emphasis on facilitating networking among analysts, IALEIA fosters regional chapters and forged partnerships with the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO), the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU), and the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE). Among its products, IALEIA shares knowledge through:  the Journal of Intelligence and Analysis, IALEIA's newsletter, the IntelScope, the seminal publication of the Law Enforcement Analytic Standards (2012), and "Criminal Intelligence for the 21st Century" (2011).   

L.E.A. Podcast Series – Hosted by Jason Elder

leap logo.jpgIALEIA partnered with Jason Elder and LEA Podcasts to create a special series in a month long celebration of IALEIA’s 40th anniversary.
Episode 1 – IALEIA@40 – FIAT, features Greg Thomas and Stacey Gosnell-Day. Greg recently served as the IALEIA Training & Development Director and as the Journal of Intelligence and Analysis editor. Stacey serves at the Foundations of Intelligence Analysis (FIAT) Program Manager. Greg and Stacey discuss FIAT's history; the various training modules; and the FIAT objectives and strategies that make it different from other analytical training classes. The session is available via Podcast and YouTube.
Episode 2 – IALEIA@40 – Chapters, features Phil Powell, Kelly Kimsey, and Locksley Waites. Phil serves as the IALEIA Chapters Director. Kelly and Locksley serve as Northern Florida Chapter President and Jamaica Chapter Vice President, respectively. The trio discusses the history of the chapters; the benefits of belonging to a chapter; how to get involved in a chapter; and, how to start a new chapter. The session is available via Podcast and YouTube.
Episode 3 – IALEIA@40 – Certification, features Kathy Lichay, Ed Feingold, Alex Gulde and Lauren. Kathy is the IALEIA Professional Standards Director. Ed previously served on the Certification Committee prior to his retirement. Alex and Lauren recently completed the Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA) process. The group discusses the history of the CICA program, and its predecessor Society of Certified Criminal Analysts (SCCA); the certification tiers; the examination preparation and process; and, why IALEIA members become certified. The session is available via Podcast and YouTube.

Episode 4 – IALEIA@40 –History, features Rob Fahlman and Leo Jacques. Rob currently serves as an Executive Advisory Board member and Leo currently serves as the IALEIA Ethics Chairman. Both have served on the IALEIA Board at various times over the years. Rob and Leo discuss the events that shaped the 40-year history of IALEIA. The group discusses the origin of the association, the impact of September 11th and much more. The session is available via Podcast and YouTube.

Episode 5, The Finale – IALEIA@40 – The Wrapup, features Shelagh Dorn and Alison Price-McGinnis. Shelagh and Alison currently serve as the IALEIA President and Vice President, respectively. Shelagh and Alison discuss IALEIA publications, the LEIU/IALEIA Annual Training Event, and IALEIA’s future. The session also includes a special montage at the end of the broadcast.  Please be sure to check it out!  The session is available Podcast and YouTube.

IALEIA Anniversary Coin
These commemorative anniversary coins were mailed to IALEIA members in 2021. In some areas outside of the U.S. and Canada and where applicable, we facilitated distribution with regional IALEIA Chapter Presidents.


The special anniversary edition of the IntelScope was sent to members in October 2021. Please be on the lookout for this edition to read about some of IALEIA’s activities and contributions to the intelligence community over the years.

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