Organization Membership

IALEIA has several organization membership classes, renewable annually.
Academic – $150.00 (USD)
Corporate – $2,500.00 (USD)
Supporting Agency (as designated by the IALEIA Board)

A Corporate Member shall be a corporation or other business entity which demonstrates and continues to demonstrate support of IALEIA purpose and functions.
An Academic Institution Member shall be an accredited (or equivalent status outside the United States) academic institution with a criminal justice or intelligence analysis curricula which supports the purpose and functions of IALEIA. The following documentation must accompany the application: a list of the criminal justice/intelligence program faculty; a list of courses offered; and, a review of research project and periodicals available through the program.

A Partner Organization shall be a government entity, steering committee, professional development committee, non-profit organization, or similar entity which had demonstrated and continues to demonstrate support of the IALEIA mission, purpose, and functions.

A Liaison Organization shall be a government and/or non-profit organization or a committee under such organization which IALEIA consults with and/or serves on in order to further the overall IALEIA mission.  These functions may include, but are not limited to: developing qualification standards and competencies for the intelligence analysis field, reinforcing the concepts of professionalism, dedication to service, and integrity within the field; and, devising and supporting professional standards for career development.
PLEASE NOTE: Law enforcement agencies and private sector companies with an embedded intelligence function are not eligible to apply under this category. Please see our Individual Membership page.
If you have questions or are interested in becoming either a Corporate or an Academic Institution member, please contact the IALEIA Partnership Director.