Mentoring Program

In 2017, IALEIA announced the creation of our mentoring program. This program is designed for analysts in law enforcement, military, and the private sector, regardless of skill level. Mentors and mentees will be afforded the opportunity to seek like-minded analysts who can help with expand their professional network while increasing analytical tradecraft knowledge.

IALEIA offers analysts the unique opportunity to work with mentors locally or abroad. By incorporating an international mentoring aspect to the mentoring program, analysts can enhance their analytical capacity while learning new customs and procedures affecting their partner’s capabilities. Whether you are a 20-year veteran or fresh to the field of intelligence, the mentoring program can help you gain much-needed analytical tradecraft to enhance your analysis. Regardless of national-level intelligence organizations or local law enforcement entities, mentoring can open new horizons and create everlasting friendships.


Dedicated mentors can help new analysts gain insightful experience when it comes to working in the intelligence world. Mentors can aid new analysts in building confidence when it comes to navigating the murky waters of the intelligence cycle, tradecraft, and networking. To be considered for a mentoring role, mentors are recommended to have at least five years of intelligence analyst experience and be willing to commit one year to the program. Additionally, mentors should maintain weekly contact with their analyst.

Seeking a Mentor?

IALEIA offers wonderful avenues to network with fellow analysts and receive vital training to assist you in your journey in this dynamic field. Regardless of how long you have worked in the intelligence field, there is always room for improvement and learning. The mentoring program will assist you in that venture. You will be paired up with a like-minded mentor who can offer valuable insight in your program. Additionally, we are excited to gain members not only from our law enforcement partners, but our private sector and international colleagues as well.

Simply fill out this application form and email it to Our staff will determine the best mentor or mentee for you.

Why should I join the program?
  1. Gain advice and experience from senior analysts at all levels of law enforcement and private sector entities
  2. Develop long-lasting partnerships and lifelong friendships
  3. Work with like-minded analysts internationally
  4. Expand social and professional networks.