Individual Membership Benefits

New members receive a membership card, lapel pin, and a certificate of membership. They also receive access to "Members Only" online resources which include the Member Directory, useful links, and job postings.
All IALEIA members receive publications, reduced registration fees for conferences and training, networking, scholarship opportunities, and the opportunity to participate in local chapters. IALEIA holds at least one annual International conference. Additional seminars and training are held at the local and regional levels.
IntelScope, the IALEIA newsletter, is published periodically and features news from IALEIA’s chapters, committees, and members. There are also articles of interest to analysts and listings of available training.
The Journal of Intelligence and Analysis is an annual professional journal with criminal intelligence analysis and relevant articles. Submissions are welcomed from practitioners and academics.
IALEIA membership is required to qualify for and maintain IALEIA Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA) Certification.
IALEIA holds Board Meetings twice a year, once in the spring at its Annual Training Conference, and the second in the fall at various locations. Members are welcome to attend. For logistical reasons, we ask that interested members contact the Board prior to the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions
Submit your membership application, and a brief request for sponsorship by the Membership Director,, who will verify that you meet the requirements for membership. If so, your application will be sponsored.
Via PayPal, credit card, or money order.
Our Administrative Manager processes the applications and sends out a New Member Packet in the mail; it usually takes about four weeks for the entire process, and slightly longer for certain international countries.
Under the "log in" button is a link that says "Forgot password." Try using that link. If you do not receive your password in an automatic email, contact the membership director
Did your membership expire? If you have not renewed prior to the membership expiration date, you cannot access "Member-Only" resources or the membership database.
Certain resources are restricted to members only. You might be able to view the cover or link on the website. Try logging into the website as a member in order to read or access the information.

For additional information, please contact the IALEIA Membership Director or IALEIA Office Manager.