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Connect, Query, and Visualize ALL your data faster than ever before with our patented technology.

Drawing from over a century of intelligence-related analytical collaboration and service to various sectors, including intelligence, law enforcement, government, and commercial industries, we've crafted our award-winning technology.

This innovation, Blue Fusion, was specifically designed to tackle a significant challenge in crime prevention and investigations: the Extract, Transform, and Load (E.T.L.) process commonly used by major intelligence-analysis tools. Discover how our cutting-edge technology seamlessly enhances your data access and analytics, all within a cost-effective and easily scalable package. Say goodbye to the wasteful drain on your precious time and resources caused by the E.T.L. process.

Cognyte is a global leader in investigative analytics software that empowers governments and enterprises with Actionable Intelligence for a Safer WorldTM. Our open analytics software is designed to help governments and enterprises accelerate and improve the effectiveness of investigations by fusing, analyzing, and visualizing disparate data sets at scale to help organizations find the needles in the haystacks. Over 1,000 government and enterprise customers in more than 100 countries rely on Cognyte’s solutions to accelerate and conduct investigations and derive insights, with which they identify, neutralize, and tackle threats to national security, personal safety, business continuity, and cyber security.

Esri applies The Science of Where to help people make better decisions through management and analysis of geographic information. We work with our business partners and hundreds of thousands of people who use GIS to make a difference in our world. Esri offers support for implementing GIS technology from the desktop to enterprise-wide servers, online services, and mobile devices. At Esri, we focus on promoting the value of GIS and its applications throughout the world and pay close attention to our users’ needs. Esri’s ArcGIS software empowers you with the knowledge you need such as where to respond, how to get there quickly and safely, and what to expect once on scene. The fusion and visualization of dynamic data with geographic data gives you an intuitive picture of what is happening, providing actionable intelligence. ArcGIS is a foundational technology capable of fusing disparate data, analyzing trends and behaviors, and providing and sharing actionable information. Whether the need for geographic information is in pre-planning or tactical response, Esri provides a suite of products that enable situational awareness in a mobile environment for first responders.

Fivecast is a world-leading provider of digital intelligence solutions that enable the world’s most important public and private organizations to explore masses of data, uncovering actionable insights which are critical to protecting global communities. Purpose-built to address the highest priority use cases in the national security, law enforcement and defense markets, Fivecast deploys advanced data collection and AI-enabled analytics to solve the most complex intelligence challenges.

i2 is the only intelligence analysis software that arms analysts with the advanced fusion and multi-dimensional analytics they need to create actionable intelligence to detect, disrupt, and defeat sophisticated threats. i2’s advanced analytics and intelligence analysis tools, such as the industry leading i2 Analyst’s Notebook, help analysts transform data into decisions in near-real-time, uncover hidden connections with visual displays, and turn overwhelming and disparate data—regardless of the source—into actionable intelligence.

The International Anti-Crime Academy (IACA) is a recognized (higher) vocational school in The Netherlands. IACA offers University Studies in the field of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT).  Most IACA students are OSINT Analysts within Law-Enforcement, the Ministry of Defense, or Special Intelligence Units. IACA provides tailor-made training programs and lectures worldwide.

PenLink has been in the business of providing communications collection systems for more than 30 years. Whether loading historical data or live-collecting from virtually any communications service provider, our solutions can easily ingest and normalize native file formats or delivery standards. Our analysis capabilities help find commonalities and deconflict targets and cases. PenLink is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, and has offices in Boulder, Colorado, and Washington D.C.

provides open source intelligence software and unique datasets to allow analysts the freedom to focus on the investigation, not the time-consuming tasks of managing data.  Developed by seasoned cyber investigators, our products strengthen the capabilities of in-house teams by enabling the easy and safe collection, correlation, and verification of diverse artifacts on the open, deep, and dark web.

VA Insight is a solution innovator and market disruptor that puts modern data analytics and visualization tools at your fingertips. With a network of business partners around the globe and a team of former practitioners ranging from law enforcement to NGO's, we know how important it is for those working out in the field to have fast access to data insights. Our innovation provides a cost-effective, easy to deploy, modern 3-tier architecture solution that brings together seemingly disparate data to deliver augmented insights for actionable intelligence.