Resources & Publications

One of IALEIA’s main goals is to uphold standards in the intelligence profession and empower members to improve their craft through research and analysis. Within these pages, you will find our peer-reviewed Journal of Intelligence and Analysis, our IALEIA IntelScope newsletter, and other resources filled with information on intelligence-led policing, critical thinking and methodology for your analytical tool-kit. Click on any category below for more information.

Journal of Intelligence and Analysis
The Journal of Intelligence and Analysis (JI&A)
is IALEIA's scholarly publication that strives to "bridge the gap" between academic research and the practical techniques employed by criminal research specialists and intelligence experts worldwide.

IALEIA publishes the IntelScope newsletter throughout the year as a way to share news from the local chapters, information regarding available training and articles of interest to law enforcement analysts and our members.

Intelligence Library
IALEIA is committed to identifying and developing a library of useful publications covering a variety of intelligence and analysis topics across our field. We continue to grow our reference bibliography to point new analysts in the right direction to learn more about the craft.