Individual Membership

IALEIA has several individual membership classes, renewable annually.
Regular – $50.00 (USD)
Associate – $50.00 (USD)
Student – $25.00 (USD)
Developing Nation – $10.00 (USD)
Honorary (as designated by the IALEIA Board)
A Regular Member shall be a person actively or formerly employed in law enforcement in criminal analysis or sworn officer capacity; or in the armed forces in an intelligence or criminal investigations capacity; or in an intelligence agency in an analyst or officer capacity; or in the private sector in an analyst capacity.
An Associate Member shall be any person not eligible for Regular Membership but qualified by other professional attainments related to law enforcement including related academic achievements.
A Student Member shall be a student enrolled full-time in an intelligence, analysis or criminal justice program at an accredited college or university. Students must submit proof of enrollment with their membership application. Individuals who meet the qualifications for regular or associate membership cannot apply for student membership. A person who is employed more than half-time and attending school will not usually qualify as a Student Member.

In order for the applicant to qualify for the Developing Nation membership discount, their country must be listed on the World Bank List of Economies as Low income and Lower middle income countries. This list can be found here ( and

An Honorary Member shall be a person who has demonstrated an outstanding record of public or private services to the field of analysis, who is so certified by a sponsoring regular member, and who meets the qualification requirements.
Lifetime Members
Paul Andrews-Member since 1981
Robert Fahlman-Member since 1981
Charles Frost-Member since 1981
Jack Morris-Member since 1981
Ritchie Martinez -Member since 1981
Marilyn Peterson-Member since 1981
Leo Jacques-Member since 1987
Greg Thomas-Member since 1989
Debbie Ansman-Member since 1990
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