Certification Preparation

The CICA examination is specifically designed to evaluate an individual's overall knowledge and competency to advance to the CICA tier; therefore, a combination of training and experience is the best formula for success.
The CICA examination is comprised of two (2) components:  multiple choice questions and essay topics.  The multiple-choice questions determine the applicant’s substantive knowledge and the essay topics gauge the applicant’s comprehension of intelligence concepts.  The following topics comprise the main focus areas for the CICA exam.

Analytic Techniques and MethodsIndicatorsLogic
Creative and Critical ThinkingInference and Hypothesis DevelopmentProcessing and Collation
Cognitive BiasesIntelligence Cycle/ProcessRecommendation Development
Collection/Sources of InformationIntelligence-led PolicingStructured Analytic Techniques
Core CompetenciesIntelligence ProductionTactical and Strategic Analysis
Dissemination/Information SharingLegal, Privacy, Ethics Issues 
Candidates have four (4) hours to complete the examination and should plan on bringing a laptop for the essay portion.
Should an IALEIA member decide to pursue the CICA, the requisite examination is held each year during the IALEIA/LEIU annual training event.  It may be taken at other times and locations based on the availability of an IALEIA proctor who will oversee the examination process.  Proctored examinations must be coordinated through the Certification Manager.
The IALEIA Certification Committee has compiled a list of study materials to help members prepare for the examination.