Certification Process

The IALEIA Professional Certification Program is rooted in the concepts of professionalism as set forth by the SCCA and guided by the NCISP recommendations and the Law Enforcement Analyst Certification Standards for certification organizations.  These guidance documents recommend a combination of work experience and professional training should be required to become a professional analyst. Therefore, IALEIA has established a three-tier process for classifying and certifying analysts:
Any individual who is an IALEIA Regular Individual member in good standing may enter the Professional Certification Program.  Once a classification or certification has been awarded, the recipient is required to remain an IALEIA member in good standing to maintain their status active.
IALEIA members are not required to obtain a Basic Analyst Classification in order to apply for Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA).  In addition, a member may remain at the Basic Analyst Classification tier; however, they are strongly encouraged to pursue the CICA tier as a way to demonstrate their continued professional development and analytic competency. The CICA certification is valid for five (5) years. In order to maintain certification, holders must obtain recertification every five (5) years by demonstrating continued analytical skills development and professional competency advancement.
Benefits of Professional Certification
Certification provides an opportunity for those individuals who engage in the process to increase their knowledge, skill set and experience and to be recognized by their peers and employers.  The process promotes professionalism and leadership through participation, education, and contributions to the law enforcement analytical community.  Certification may assist analysts in achieving the required analytical competencies suitable for a career path and/or portfolio.  It also provides employers with an enhanced means by which to measure the analytical competencies and experience of their analysts.