FIAT is a five-day introduction to the basics of law enforcement intelligence analysis.  It was designed to be an entry-level curriculum and meets the educational requirements for the IALEIA Criminal Intelligence Certified Analysts (CICA) process.  A list of dates and locations for Scheduled FIAT Events is available on the website.
The IALEIA Upcoming Events contains dates and information on seminars, meetings, and various intelligence and analytical training events posted for our membership to improve their skill sets and expand resource networks.
Do you have an event you'd like to share? Please submit your event here. Note: All events require approval by the IALEIA board before going live on the calendar. Please allow advance time for review prior to the start date to ensure the calendar is updated and your event is visible to all.
Through our partnership with the Justice Clearinghouse (JCH), IALEIA members have unlimited access to the entire library of JCH webinars including recordings, workbooks, and presentation materials.  Webinar and course participants can download certificates of attendance as proof of attendance.  IALEIA also coordinates with JCH to create and offer intelligence-specific webinars and training.  A list of JCH-hosted training events is available on JCH Webinar Schedule.