Accepted Classes

IALEIA members wishing to enter the Professional Certification Program must first successfully complete an approved 40-hour minimum, classroom-based, basic criminal intelligence analysis course.
The IALEIA Professional Certification Program follows the training recommendations outlined in the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative/IALEIA Law Enforcement Analytic Standards, the NCISP, and the United States Department of Justice’s Minimum Criminal Intelligence Training Standards for Law Enforcement and Other Criminal Justice Agencies.
The IALEIA Certification Committee adopted the recommendations set forth in these documents in relation to intelligence analysis training and professionalism standards; thereby, providing a uniform and broadly accepted platform upon which to base the IALEIA Professional Certification Program.
The Certification Committee evaluated a number of basic intelligence courses against the recommendations and criteria and have approved the a list of courses offered by military, law enforcement, international, and private sector entities to fulfill the 40-hour course requirement.

To request a course be evaluated by the IALEIA Certification Committee, please send a copy of the complete syllabus for the course in question to the Professional Standards Director.

* Crime and Criminal Intelligence Analyst Course - U.S. Army Military Police School
* Criminal Analysis Course Phase I - National Guard Bureau Counterdrug Program (Note: Those who have taken the Criminal Analysis Courses National Guard Bureau Counterdrug Program prior to 2015 will need both Phase I and Phase II.)
* Basic Analysis Training Course (in-person and online) - New Jersey Regional Intelligence Academy
* Basic Intelligence Research Specialist (BIRS) - Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Academy
* Basic Intelligence and Threat Analysis Course - U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence Training Academy
* Basic Intelligence Training - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, Office of Intelligence
* Correctional Intelligence Academy - Indiana Department of Corrections
* Federal Law Enforcement Analysts Training, Four Week Course - Drug Enforcement Administration
* Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy Training - Florida Department of Law Enforcement
* Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training - IALEIA and LEIU
* Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training, National White Collar Crime Center (Note: This course requires one of the following additional courses to be taken in conjunction: Intelligence Writing and Briefing (IWAB), Introduction to Link Analysis (ILA) or Introduction to Strategic Intelligence Analysis (ISIA)
* Intelligence Academy - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
* Intelligence Analysis Basic Course - U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence Training Academy
* Intelligence Analyst Training Course (Basic) - Arizona High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
* Intelligence Analyst Training Program - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Department of Homeland Security
* Intelligence Basic Course - Federal Bureau of Investigation
* Introductory Intelligence Analysis Training Program - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Department of Homeland Security
* Introduction to Crime and Intelligence Analysis - British Columbia Institute of Technology
* Introduction to Criminal Intelligence Analysis for Central America (Introducción al Análisis de Inteligencia Criminal para Centroamérica aka Análisis Táctico) - Justice Education Society
* Intelligence Analytical Techniques (IAT) - GIAC Ltd.
* Operational Analyst Course - Republic of Panama, Public Security Ministry, National Police
* Police Basic Intelligence Course - Republic of Panama, Public Security Ministry, National Police
* Strategic Intelligence Analysis - Canadian Police College
* Tactical Intelligence Analysis - Canadian Police College
* Diploma of Intelligence Analysis - Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT Solutions), Australia. (NOTE: this course is no longer being offered)
* Analytical Investigation Methods - Anacapa Sciences, Inc.
* Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program - California Department of Justice and California University System
* Crime and Intelligence Analysis Training, Classroom Course - Intelligence Analysis Training, Ltd
* Criminal Intelligence and Analysis (in-person and online) - Alpha Group Center
* Criminal Intelligence Analysis - Anacapa Sciences, Inc.
* Criminal Intelligence Analysis - August Analysis & Research
* Intelligence Analysis Certificate Training for Law Enforcement - Simon Fraser University, Police Studies Program
* Introduction to Intelligence for Law Enforcement and Intermediate Level Intelligence: Connecting the Dots (both courses required) - Ken Sanz & Associates (Online versions accepted)
* Advanced Crime Intelligence (RIAP 320), Mercyhurst University (Undergraduate degree)
* Advanced Crime Intelligence (INTL 576), Mercyhurst University (Graduate degree)
*  Master of Arts in Criminal Justice - Intelligence Analyst Track, (CJ 621 Fundamentals of Intelligence Analysis, CJ 622 Advanced Issues in Intelligence, CJ 636 Structured Analytic Techniques), Monmouth University
* Short Course in Intelligence Analysis - 4Knowledge Analysis Solutions