Lifetime CICA

Lifetime Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (Lifetime CICA) is the third tier of the IALEIA Professional Certification Program.  This tier is intended for individuals who have served in the criminal intelligence or analysis profession for twenty (20) or more years and demonstrated their dedication to the profession through their years of service.  The Lifetime CICA should serve as a role model and mentor for less experienced analysts entering the profession.  The Lifetime CICA status is recognition of outstanding service and competency over the long term.

 Applicants shall:
  • be a Regular member in good standing for ten (10) years or more (from date of application) who adheres to the IALEIA code of ethical and professional conduct;
  • have served in a criminal intelligence or analysis position for at least twenty (20) years;
  • be assigned to a job function that involves the application of analytic and intelligence techniques and methods;
  • held a valid CICA certificate status for at least five (5) years;
  • meet the CICA renewal requirements; and,
  • submit the Lifetime CICA online application and related fee.
    • For applicants unable to access the online application, a downloadable version is available.
The Lifetime CICA does not require renewal and will remain valid as long as the individual holding the classification remains a member in good standing.  Should an individual holding a Lifetime CICA status leave IALEIA membership, their classification will no longer be active.
Lifetime Tenured Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (Lifetime Tenured CICA) is an honorary tier awarded under special circumstances to those individuals who hold the Lifetime CICA certification, but have subsequently retired from their full-time intelligence or analysis position.
Applicants must:  be a Regular member in good standing for ten (10) years who adheres to the IALEIA code of ethical and professional conduct; hold a current Lifetime CICA; provide documentation of official retirement status; and, submit a written application to the Certification Manager.  There is no fee associated with this honorary status.
Lifetime Tenured CICA does not require renewal or an active IALEIA membership.