Frequently Asked Questions

Like other careers that require a license, IALEIA analytical certification allows analysts to add another layer of depth to their professional development.  Analysts that are licensed have that added layer of credibility for example in courtroom testimony.  Certification is the professional roadmap for analysts.
Basic Analyst Classification is the first tier to an analyst's professional development but it is not considered Certification as this classification is designed for newer analysts entering the profession.  This classification puts the analyst on the path to becoming certified. Basic Analyst Classification is not required in order to become certified.  However, if one receives their Basic Analyst Classification, the CICA application fee will be $50.00 (USD) instead of the regular $100.00 (USD) fee.
Analysts will fill out the online application and provide the following documents with their application:  job description, educational certificate and certificate of 40 hour IALEIA approved analyst course and application fee.  The application will be reviewed by the Certification Manager.  Upon application approval, analysts will work with the Certification Manager to schedule the CICA examination.  The analyst must also pay an examination fee in addition to the $100.00 (USD) application fee.  These fees are non refundable.
The CICA examination is offered every year at the Annual Training Event but can be locally offered if there is a CICA proctor in the area.  If a proctor is identified in the area in which the analyst resides, the Certification Manager will work with the analyst and proctor to scheduling the examination.
No, the examination must be taken in person at this time.
CICA study materials are provided on the Website.  While it is not listed on the page, the study materials from the Foundation of Intelligence Analyst (FIAT) training are especially helpful.
No.  There are several other FIAT equivalent courses that meet IALEIA certification standards set forth by the National Intelligence Sharing Plan, seen on our website.
Contact the Certification Manager to have the course reviewed by the Certification Committee.  The applicant will need to identify the training coordinator for the course in question and have them contact the Certification Manager.
Approximately 4-6 weeks.  Analysts will receive a letter in the mail advising if they have passed or failed. If an analyst has failed, they have two (2) additional chances to take the retake the examination.  The application fee will be waived, but the examination fee must be paid for each attempt.
Including the SCCA, the predecessor to the IALEIA certification process, there were approximately 600 people certified by IALEIA as of 2018.
Each professional designation should be reviewed based on its own merit.  IALEIA is an independent professional organization with representation from the international law enforcement intelligence community.  Our certification program was developed to meet the prevailing internationally-accepted professional standards for criminal intelligence practice.  The IALEIA CICA designation is internationally recognized as a credential of professional achievement within the criminal intelligence analysis profession.