Basic Analyst Classification

The Basic Analyst Classification is the first tier of the IALEIA Professional Certification Program.  This tier is intended for individuals who are just beginning their professional analytical careers and are not yet eligible for certification as a CICA.
Applicants shall:
  • be a Regular member in good standing who adheres to the IALEIA code of ethical and professional conduct;
  • have completed a recognized 40-hour minimum basic intelligence course within five (5) years of application;
  • provide a certificate of completion for the qualifying intelligence course;
  • possess full-time employment in a criminal intelligence or analysis position in the government, criminal justice agency, military, or private sector;
  • currently assigned to a job function that involves the application of analytic and intelligence techniques and methods;
  • provide a copy of their official position description.; and,
  • submit the Basic Analyst Classification online application and related fee.
    • The fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee approval of application
    • For applicants unable to access the online application, a downloadable version is available
NOTE:  The Basic Analyst Classification is NOT a certification; rather is an entry point into the Professional Certification Program.  An individual with the Basic Analyst Classification is not authorized to identify themselves as IALEIA-certified or to use the CICA designation.
The Basic Analyst Classification does not require renewal and will remain valid as long as the individual holding the classification remains a member in good standing.  Should an individual holding a Basic Analyst Classification leave IALEIA membership, their classification will no longer be active.