Basic Analyst Classification

Basic Analyst Classification is the first tier of the IALEIA Professional Certification Program. An individual at the Basic Analyst Classification is classified as an analyst without certification. This tier is intended for individuals who are just beginning their professional analytic careers and are not yet eligible for certification as a CICA.
  • There is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $50 to apply for Basic Analyst Classification, payable to IALEIA at
  • If the applicant is not eligible for this classification, the fee will not be returned.
  • Current IALEIA [regular] membership is required to apply for this classification.
  • IALEIA membership must be maintained to retain this classification.

Basic Analyst Classification – Criteria
  1. Current IALEIA [regular] member in good standing.
  2. Completion of a recognized, 40-hour minimum basic intelligence analysis course within five (5) years of application (see Part I).
  3. Full-time employment in a criminal intelligence or analysis position in the government, criminal justice agency, military or private sector.
  4. Assignment to a job function that involves the application of analytic and intelligence techniques and methods.
  5. Demonstration of training completion by provision of official training certificate.
  6. Documentation of analytic job function by provision of official position description.
  7. Adherence to IALEIA standards for ethics and professional conduct.
  8. Submission of Basic Analyst Classification application and fee payment.

Basic Analyst Classification Status
Note: The Basic Analyst Classification is NOT a certification, per se, but rather is an entry point into the Professional Certification Program. An individual with the Basic Analyst Classification is not authorized to identify themselves as IALEIA-certified or to use the CICA designation or abbreviation.

The Basic Analyst Classification does not require renewal and will remain in force for so long as the individual who holds the classification remains an IALEIA member in good standing. Should an individual who holds a Basic Analyst Classification leave IALEIA membership, his/her classification will no longer be active.

Basic Analyst Classification Application

IALEIA members wishing to enter the Professional Certification Program (PCP) must first successfully complete an approved 40-hour minimum, classroom-based, basic criminal intelligence analysis course.

The IALEIA Professional Certification Program follows the training recommendations outlined in the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative/IALEIA Law Enforcement Analytic Standards, U.S. National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan (NCISP) and further detailed in the Minimum Criminal Intelligence Training Standards for Law Enforcement and Other Criminal Justice Agencies in the United States.

The IALEIA Professional Development Committee adopted these recommendations in relation to intelligence analysis training and professionalism standards as a guide to provide a uniform and broadly accepted platform upon which to base the IALEIA Professional Certification Program.

A number of criminal intelligence analysis courses have been evaluated against these standards. To view approved courses, go to Accepted Classes

For further information on certification course review requirements please see the Course Review Requirements document or contact the Certification Chairperson at