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IALEIA/LEIU Training Event - Bloomington, Minnesota

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IALEIA/LEIU 2017 Annual Training Event May 1-5, 2017 @ Bloomington, Minnesota

Registration is now open and can be accessed through this link:

FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL GUESTS! Please read the Visa Waiver Program visitation requirements here:

We are presenting a similar option as we did last year in New Orleans for additional training on Sunday, April 30, 2017 with Michael Bazzell.  This year he will be presenting on “A Complete (and FREE) Online Investigations System”.  The attached flyer describes that training.  Although this training is being held in conjunction with the IALEIA/LEIU Annual Training Event—it is a separate training effort.  The registration and costs must be maintained separately.  Online Investigations Systems Training Flyer

We have made the registration as easy as possible. If you plan on attending only the Annual Training Event, select “Register” on the bottom right of the first page. The next page will direct you to add your information and then select “Continue”.  There will be several registration options.  If you plan on ONLY attending the one day workshop "A Complete (and FREE) Online Investigations System" presented by Michael Bazzell, please select the "One Day Workshop".  If you plan to attend BOTH the one day workshop and the IALEIA/LEIU Annual Training Event, please select the "Training Event".  Note that both options have a “member or non-member” option.  If your agency is a member of LEIU or if you are an IALEIA member, please select the member option and fill in the appropriate fields for membership verification.  Please do not register twice.

If you cannot use the online registration system:, please use this Interactive Registration Form.

Journal of Intelligence Analysis 23-1

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Excited to announce the latest edition of the Journal of Intelligence & Analysis (JI&A) is published in the Members Only - File Library! Your copy will be shipped on 2/23/17.

FIAT Instructors

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The Foundations of Intelligence Analyst Training (FIAT) program is accepting applications for new instructors to deliver the benchmark training program of IALEIA and LEIU. Due to the high demand we are experiencing for classes, we are looking for 20 new instructors. 

New instructors will be trained during an actual FIAT class by an experienced qualified FIAT instructor. At this time, we are only accepting applications from analysts in North America.

Minimum Requirements:

Nominations are open for IALEIA Board of Directors 2017-2019

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Nominations for the 2017-2019 IALEIA Board of Directors are officially open on February 1, 2017! All Regular IALEIA members in good standing worldwide may nominate and vote for any officer and director.

Available IALEIA Board Positions Position Descriptions

Officers:       President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

Directors:     Communications, International, Membership and Outreach, Partnership, and Professional Development

Nominations close on Friday, March 3. Voting begin on Monday, March 15 and concludes April 15, 2017. Election results will be announced at the IALEIA/LEIU Annual Training Event Awards Banquet on Thursday, May 4, 2017 in Bloomington, Minnesota. All elected officers will begin their two-year terms on July 1, 2017.

A completed nomination form may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please consider running for an office to support IALEIA. Exercise one of your membership benefits and vote!

Corporate Membership

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IALEIA is looking forward to a successful, busy year in 2017! We look forward to new services and communication features with our membership. Training and product development will also be paramount for our organization this year. To ensure we are meeting the needs of our organization we are looking to engage in new or improved partnerships while building opportunities for our members, partners, sponsors and corporate members alike. To that end, effective January 1, 2017 Corporate Membership is $2,500 per year. For more information about services, advertising opportunities or corporate member benefits please contact Director James Lewis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.