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  • 2016 IALEIA/LEIU Training Conference: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Interested in Becoming Certified? Check out our Certification Page for details!
  • The IALEIA Executive board at the 2013 Chicago conference.
  • IALEIA members and Colombian National Police delegates attended a seminar in Bogota, Colombia in December 2012. The seminar was sponsored by the IALEIA Chapter in Colombia and National Police of Colombia, with the support of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission.
  • (L) FIAT hosts and class instructors in Jamaica, March 2015; (R) IALEIA Technical Assistance Program in Jamaica.

2016 IALEIA/LEIU Annual Training Event- New Orleans, LA

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Registration is open!

IALEIA/LEIU Annual Training Event

Complete the Registration Flyer below to attend the 2016 IALEIA/LEIU Annual Training Event will be held in New Orleans, LA April 25-29, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, Riverside.  As usual, we plan to have an exciting, informative, and well-rounded program that will cater to all intelligence professionals. We are continuing the three certification tracks—the “Advanced Analytical Skills”, our basic “Fundamentals in Criminal Intelligence”, and the certification track we added last year for “Supervisors and Managers”.  We will also feature many sponsors and exhibitors—just as in the past—that will be demonstrating the latest in support.  Registration for this has remained the same:  $450 for IALEIA and LEIU members and $650 for non-members.

Advanced Open Source Intelligence Techniques Training (OSINT)

We will also be offering an exciting special session of OSINT.  For those of you who have attended the IALEIA/LEIU Annual Training Event for the past several years--it picks up where Michael Bazzell's live conference sessions have left off.  For those of you who attended his 90 minute workshops in the past—you will remember the high demand those classes created and we are pleased that Michael has agreed to do a full day as an added bonus this year!  He will demonstrate and distribute a custom software pack with over 40 free tools that will aid an analyst/investigator during any type of investigation. The OSINT training will take place on the Sundaybefore the regular training event starts and will be for a full 8 hour day. Although this training is being held in conjunction with the IALEIA/LEIU Annual Training Event in New Orleans—it is a separate training effort. The registration and costs must be maintained separately.  We have, however, made the registration as easy as possible.  Registration for this will be $150 for IALEIA and LEIU members and $200 for non-members.

Event Application: 

A new feature this year will include an Event App (CrowdCompass) that will take the place of all of our “paper-drive” documents.  This app will available for download on any Apple or Android device after the first of the year (we will notify you when it is available).  It will include the agenda, maps, presentation summaries, speaker bios, and we will be using it to capture attendance.  For those who do not have an Apple or Android device—the same information will be available from a web location and can be viewed or downloaded.  This will allow us to “go green” and allow us to use the technology currently used in many events.  There will be many other advantages to this app and we will periodically keep you updated on our progress and what you can expect (for instance we were just notified that CrowdCompass has just partnered with Uber so you can use that feature with the click of a button).

Registration for Either or Both of These Training Efforts:

Registration for both training efforts can be found on the LEIU website at 

When you click “Register Now” it will allow you to choose the following options: 

“LEIU/IALEIA Annual Training Event – Only”,

the“OSINT Training Event – Only”; or the

“LEIU/IALEIA & OSINT Training Events – Both”

The costs for each option are displayed.  If you choose the combined option—you need only register one time.  We will automatically register you in both training events.  Do not register two times. We encourage you to register online but if you absolutely do not have access to a computer--use the attached form to register.  This registration form is just for the LEIU/IALEIA Training Event and does not register you for the OSINT Training.  If you cannot register online and want to attend both of the events—fill out this registration tri-fold and send it to us.  Include a note that you also want to attend the OSINT Training and we will register you for both.

Conference Registration Flyer

OSINT Training Flyer

2016 IALEIA Awards

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2016 IALEIA Awards Program

IALEIA is now accepting nominations for its annual Awards program. If you are interested in applying or know someone that is, please follow the instructions below.

 ** The deadline for nominations for the 2016 IALEIA Awards is January 8, 2016. **

Categories and Criteria

Category 1. IALEIA Award for Excellence: Organization.

To the Local, State/Provincial/Regional, or National/International level Organization, Agency, Department, Unit, or Task Force making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support agency objectives.

Three awards: one each for local, state/provincial/regional, and national/international levels.


a.            Enhanced effectiveness of the investigative effort.

b.            Improvements in the processing of intelligence data.

c.            Innovation in integrating intelligence functions into investigative operations.

Category 2. IALEIA Award for Excellence: Individual.

To individuals for outstanding contributions as intelligence analysts, investigators, or prosecutors utilizing intelligence products leading to the achievement of agency objectives. Work products may include publications, investigative support materials, threat assessments, and innovative training curricula. Up to six awards.


a.         Initiative and perseverance in stimulating interest of analysts,  investigators or prosecutors through analysis or crime activity.

b.         Sophistication and diligence in using analytical techniques in support of investigations.

c.         Innovation in the development of graphical techniques for presentation of complex cases for investigators, attorneys, or court.

d.         Effectiveness in coordinating the planning of intelligence support analysis with investigative case management.

e.         Provision of tactical or strategic coverage to areas not previously served or served inadequately.

f.          Significance of the outstanding contribution to law enforcement efforts.

Category 3. IALEIA Award for Excellence: Executive or Supervisor.

To an executive or supervisor for outstanding support and recognition of the intelligence analysis function. One award.

Criteria: Noteworthy support of how the individual applied, organized, or used analysts and intelligence in support of agency objectives.

General Instructions for Nominations

Each application must be accompanied by two letters of nomination that contain detailed documentation of the criteria above. Self-nomination is not allowed. Submissions must have the permission of the agency or company for which the analytical work was done. Nominators and nominees need not be IALEIA members or affiliated with IALEIA, but must become IALEIA members before the evaluation/scoring process is completed.

Organizations or individuals cannot receive the same award in more than two consecutive years for the same publication (e.g. different issues of the same periodical). Telephone and fax numbers, and addresses of the nominee and the persons submitting the nomination must be provided; email address is desired. Nomination packets in Adobe (pdf) or Word (doc or docx) are preferred.Send ten (10) copies of all materials if by regular mail; or one (1) copy if via email to:

Las Vegas Metropolitan PD

Attn: John Smith, P#8705

Theft Crimes Bureau

400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd,

Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

U.S.A.Questions may be directed to Mr. John Smith, Chair, IALEIA Awards Committee, at 702-828-3513 (desk) or 702-544-9108 (cell) or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The deadline for nominations for the 2016 IALEIA Awards is January 8, 2016.

Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT)

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Sponsored by: Criminal Intelligence Service of British Columbia/Yukon

May 9-13, 2016

Surrey, British Columbia Canada

Tuition: $600 ($550 USD for IALEIA/LEIU Members)

Register:Michele Panages This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (916) 263-1187

Class Flyer or Registration Flyer


Sponsored by: Western States Information Network (WSIN)

February 8-12, 2016

Sacramento, CA

Tuition: $600 ($550 IALEIA/LEIU Members)

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (916) 263-1187 to register.

Class Flyer or Registration Flyer



IALEIA/LEIU 2016 Intelligence Conference

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New Orleans (April 25-29, 2016)


Training Event Location & Reservations: (training will be at the Hilton)

New Orleans Riverside; Two Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana Tel: (504) 561-0500

Room Rates: Federal Per Diem Single/Double: $160 (USD) per night plus taxes/assessments $26.60 (USD) per night.

If you have any questions feel free to contact LEIU Executive Director Bob Morehouse at (916)704-4949.


IALEIA 2015 Election of Officers

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Results of the 2015 election for the IALEIA Board of Directors are listed below. 

The officers elected for the 2015-2017 term:

President – Shelagh Dorn

Vice President – Mark Massop

Treasurer – Jennifer Dauzier

Secretary- Lynn McCloskey

Communications Director – Melissa Johnson-Rogers

Partnership Director – James Lewis

Professional Development Director – David McClocklin

Membership Director -Alison K. Price-McGinnis

International Director -Radoslaw Ostoja-Domaradzki