Building an Intelligence Unit

Guidelines for Starting Analytic UnitThe mission of an analytic unit is to provide quality analyses in support of the agency's mission. Thus, the work that is performed reflects the priorities and goals of the specific agency or organization. Published 9/1997
Intelligence Led Policing - Getting StartedThis booklet is designed to assist the development of intelligence led policing in police departments, sheriff's offices, prosecutors' offices and other criminal justice agencies. It can also provide guidance to intelligence efforts in the private sector. Published 1/2005
Intelligence Models and Best PracticesThis booklet, the fourth in a series, looks at what is being done in the US, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia in varied areas of law enforcement intelligence.
Succesful LE Using Analytic MethodsA successful analytic product will ideally combine several of these techniques to provide a comprehensive summarization of the data, from which conclusions can be drawn and recommendations for action can be made. Published 10/1996