Criminal Intelligence for the 21st Century

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The "Criminal Intelligence for the 21st Century" book is now available! This is a joint publication by the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU) and the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA). This new guide is an update to Intelligence 2000: Revising the Basic Elements and contains 476 pages divided into 27 chapters/articles. The new book not only updates the previous information—it adds 16 new chapters/articles. A group of 25 expert intelligence practitioners authored the articles/chapters. This book is a valuable resource for any intelligence professional seeking to understand and hone their craft.

Topics include: The Role of Intelligence, Legal Issues in U.S. Criminal Intelligence, Staffing the Intelligence Unit, Managing the Intelligence Unit, Planning and Direction, Collection, Collation, Analysis, Dissemination, and Report Writing Principles, Intelligence-led Policing, Fusion Centers, Corrections Intelligence, Evaluating Effectiveness, Training, Security, Software, Networks and Organizations, Challenges Facing Law Enforcement Intelligence, and the ever so important Intelligence Guidelines. The publication is now available for purchase through LEIU or IALEIA.

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